"B.M" is for "Bonne Maman", a family nickname for "Granny".
B.M. was my beloved grandmother. She passed away in the first minutes of  last March 17 in Treguier, Brittany, France.
She's been a strong woman, all along her life. Born in Morocco in 1925, she enroled at the age of 19 in the french air force, to be helpful : it was WWII. She was married twice, both times with french air force officers (both were brothers, by the way). She had no child with her first husband, Maurice, she had four children with the second one, Ernest. Then 13 grandchildren plus 10 great-grandchildren. She was a gifted painter (oh yes, she was), she was a GREAT human being, curious, open-minded and she was, i repeat,  a strong and loving woman. We'll miss her. She leaves behind her a silence which is not emptiness. She leaves behind her a warm and peaceful light. How lucky we are to have known her. Thanks for everything, dear grandma.
Have a peaceful flight, B.M.

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